Design & Manufacture of Electrical Insulating Systems, Enamelled Wires, Wire Enamels & Coatings.

Our Clients

Our Clientele Scope

In our 40 years of service, we have had the opportunity to serve the electrical, power, electronic, automobile and many such industry. Our products have found applications in the following equipments...

  • Industrial motors from low voltage f.h.p. units to drive motors & upto high voltage.
  • Large horsepower pump motors & power station auxiliaries, etc.
  • Automotive starter motors & alternators.
  • Railway traction motors and diesel electric locomotive generators.
  • Diesel & Gas turbine generators.
  • Transformers & Switchgear.
  • Capacitors & Lighting chokes.
  • Hermetic motors, home appliances, power tools, fans.
  • PCBs, Electronic & Telecommunications components.
  • TV Coils, Yoke Coils.
  • Structural & protective coatings of any metal.
  • Other electrical insulation products such as mica tapes, sleevings, fibre glass conductors, composites, laminations, etc.