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At Chetak Manufacturing Co., we've come a long way.
Starting with just air drying insulating varnish way back in 1984, today we have five fully equipped reactors along with blenders & manufacturing more than 30 different types of insulating varnishes, impregnating resins & wire enamels.

Cenvar offers a wide portfolio of electrical insulants ranging from polyester to polyesterimide, polyurethane to epoxy, polyimide to polyamide imide, alkyd to phenolic, solvented to solventless unsaturated polyester/polyesterimide and water based to emulsions systems.

Taking a bold step forward, on 11th July 2008, we acquired the entire Insulating Varnishes & Thinners business of ELVINS along with the ELVINS Trade name and Logo.  
  Wire Enamels
  Polyurethane (Solderable)
  Bondable (Epoxy)
  Polyamide Imide
  Insulating Varnishes & Impregnating Resins
  Solvented (Air Dry / Oven Cure - Baking)
  Solventless (Dip / VPI / Trickle / Roll-Dip)
  Water Based Epoxy (Dip / VPI / Roll-Dip)
  Fibre Glass, Sleevings, Core Plate & Silicon Varnishes
  Finishing & Pigmented Varnishes
  Enamelled Wires : Copper & Aluminium
  Bondable, Solderable & Bondable
  Dual Coats & Polyamide Imides
Design & Manufacture of Electrical Insulating Varnishes & Impregnating Resins.